Broadband technology has enabled communications companies to reap the benefits of integrated solutions. Terms like “triple play”, “quadruple play” and “bundle” have become household terms as companies transform themselves from telephony to multiple-service providers.

Cable and satellite companies are at the forefront of bringing television, Internet and digital services to businesses and the home. "Triple play" offerings have been one engine for growth however with increasing competition it’s time to refocus on innovation and accelerate growth.

Network equipment sales are generally flat. To revive growth, consider a move into managed services. The last five years have been challenging for network equipment providers (NEPs). Because communication service providers (CSPs) spend so much of their budgets on equipment and services, many now see managed services as the way forward to cut costs and move faster into new markets.

To help customers generate more revenue from existing clients and acquire new customers, we offer the following marketing-related services with latest IT platforms including the Cloud, Mobility and Big Data Analytics:

  • Customer Experience: Better understand consumer requirements and model existing business processes and supply chains to provide a superior customer experience. Perform CRM analytics, Social Network analysis, Surfing analysis, Call Detail Record patterns and to enhance the customer experience when dealing with your company on the phone or over the Internet.
  • Customer Retention and Churn: Reduce churn rates and increase retention keeping in mind profitability.
  • Financial and Risk Analytics: Profitability analysis, Revenue Leakage, operational cost optimisation and customer risk management.
  • Social Media Analytics: Identify proximities and relationships between people, groups, organizations and related systems.
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: Apply predictive analytics such as affinity or market-basket analytics to understand products that are often bundled or bought together.
  • Campaign Analysis: Analyse and understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, perform location or contextual based marketing.
  • Content Monetization: Better determine what services to monetize in order to maximize revenues from content.
  • Business Operations: Capacity planning, network monitoring, equipment usage analysis, peak time and redeployment.
  • Fraud and Crime: Help detect fraud and crime internally and externally.
  • Network Equipment’s: End-to-end service integration, create new managed services solutions that solve key client problems such as integration of operations support systems and business support systems, launch new products at lower cost that support growing network complexity and interoperability, Leverage the cloud, data analytics and mobile solutions to move quickly and at lower cost.
  • Business Process Optimization: Inefficiency at any level of business slows your time to market, wastes money and resources and prevents you from being in control. Process optimization services include Billing, order processing and fulfilment, Customer relations and planning logistics, distribution, customer-data plan logistics, technology development or other functions and Business Process Services.
  • Network Technology Integration: Consider us when evaluating a joint venture or business partnership, either from a business or technology perspective. Our integration services include Planning and testing, Network implementation, Network management and Bandwidth issues.
  • Integrated Products and Services: Today's customers expect integrated service plans from their wireless providers. Our team can help you build the systems to provide the integrated services your mobile customers demand.