Media and Entertainment

Media Publishing

Traditional print and analog-driven consumption models is getting transitioned to digital channels such as web, mobile, and social media due to shift in market. What was once dominated by paper media is now turning into a holistic multi-channel content management, editorial and business systems to address the growing significance of digital subscriptions and advertising opportunities.

We have the expertise in bespoke and product-based solutions, that has helped media publishers to address:

  • New content consumption channels—mobile, social media, and web
  • Digitization using web, mobile and tablet native applications
  • Subscription management, bundling, and pricing models
  • Programmatic ad sales and media buying platforms including ad mediation
  • Revenue analytics and projections
  • Content recommendations, targeting and contextual suggestions
  • Manual processes focused on content re-purposing for various media channels

Mobile/Web Application

We help Customers build mobility platform with our expertise in developing web and native applications for all major mobile operating system platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

We have developed applications by optimizing the themes and designs appropriate for major devices used in the market.

The following are the solution that have been developed:

  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Brand building
  • Email template customizations
  • Email marketing operations

Social Media

Social media networks and platforms is significantly important communication channels for advertisers, marketers, and publishers. Social media channels and users are increasing day by day prompting businesses to feature social channels in their marketing, communication, product, and promotional strategies.

With an increase in average time spent on such platforms by consumers, businesses are ‘socializing’ their content and promotional activities to derive stronger consumer engagement and returns on investment (RoI).

We help businesses extend their content, marketing, and promotional activities through its Social Media Services Portfolio, which includes technology solutions and managed services such as the following:

  • Social media platforms engineering
  • Social media apps for platforms
  • Ad API integration with popular platforms
  • Social audience engagement and predictive analytics platforms
  • Social media monitoring, buzz marketing, and reputation management

Platform Management

Most of the businesses are expanding its footprint across the web, social media, and mobile; managing business-enabling information has become significantly challenging. Role of technology-led operations has intensified the need to manage a myriad applications and infrastructure.

We have domain expertise to help businesses manage their manual processes better. These processes—consisting of a mix of managed, technology-enabled, and knowledge-driven services—span the length and breadth of the industry. As part of our value driven platform management services we focus on:

  • Reputation management
  • Social media marketing and monitoring
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
  • Social Network Optimization
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) workflow management
  • Ad Trafficking
  • Campaign Management, Optimization and Reporting services
  • Web analytics implementation, support, and analysis
  • Market research and competitive research
  • Creative Production and QA
  • Application and infrastructure management