Technology and Operations

Digitization, Automation and Optimization

We help technology and operations team to transform the legacy systems using newer solutions in the market with the choice to optimise the processes to achieve certain goals:

  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Automation of technical, business and operations processes
  • Adaption of new technology
  • Migration services
  • Agile and DevOps implementation

Technology and Operational Analytics

We help retail systems to assist consumers in a near real time basis based on the data and following are the areas we have worked on:

  • Turnaround time
  • Process optimization like customer onboarding, financing
  • System usage analysis
  • Self-service

Managed Services

We help savvy leaders to manage and maintain existing process and platform so that they can reimagine processes and platforms with the power of digital, focus on core business and driving outcomes.

We also taking the reins on customers existing operations, transforming traditional ways of working to create more effective operating models with digital at the core, and freeing up dollars for customers to invest in innovation and transformation.

We help our customers to manage and maintain existing systems by:

  • Providing application support with minor enhancement
  • Providing infrastructure support with regular upgrades, patches and hardware maintenance
  • Having service level agreement with agreed support levels
  • Helping expansion and decommission of hardware, software, application and infrastructure
  • Performing optimization of system
  • Providing system and database monitoring and administration
  • Sharing regular updates
  • Providing talented and skilled resources

We provide following services to our Customers:


We focus to enable you to get the best business value from technology by:

  • Understanding your Vision
  • Building Managed Services framework
  • Establishing governance and change management using DevOps
  • Establishing Service Level or Objective Level Agreement

Support Services

We work with Business and IT to provide managed services to:

  • Maintain the implemented solution
  • Perform minor enhancements
  • Deliver and measures services against metrics driven by SLA and OLA
  • Suggest and implement continuous improvements
  • Provide talented and skilled resources