At Humantics we pursue the identification and resolution of key business problems that remain unaddressed by software & technology available today. Our efforts have helped us bring valuable ideas to market, for e.g. being able to automate the entire data mapping process with total control & clarity; as well as deliver assured visibility on the parity between data warehouses and operational financial systems.

These solutions are built with the idea of interoperability as a top priority. Financial Data Hub & Data Maps are platform agnostic and can integrate seamlessly with any of their respective dependent systems, so you mitigate risks while safely changing technologies in future.

Financial Data Hub
  • Financial Data Hub delivers a complete view of the parity between EDW's & operational financial sources. Being able to access this information completes the return on investment in EDWs acting as a single source of truth.

Truth & Trust is Financial Data Hub's promise to you.
Data Maps
  • Data mapping is often an overlooked, cumbersome and manually driven process. Spreadsheets with manual inputs, version fragmentation & an inability to track changes drags project development significantly. Data Maps automates the entire process of this critically foundational element with precision & centrality.

Clarity & Control is the promise by Data Maps to you.